Sophisticated dining experience with a Japanese twist.

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Welcome to Cho ko!

Cho-ko is a contemporary Japanese restaurant that serves a variety of traditional and modern Japanese dishes. It is a great choice for those looking for a sophisticated dining experience with a Japanese twist.

Our Menu

Get Relax. Eat.

Welcome to Cho Ko, where culinary mastery meets cultural fusion in the heart of New York City. Our menu is a vibrant symphony of flavors inspired by the rich culinary traditions of Japan, brought together to create a dining experience that transcends boundaries.

Spicy Chicken Ramen

A rich brothy soup with thick ramen noodles, chicken and assorted vegetables, served piping hot.


Miso Ramen Soup

Soy bean based noodle soup topped with bean sprout, cabbage, onion, crispy garlic, roast chicken and scallion.


Fried Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets are juicy deep fried chicken tenders, coated in a crispy batter.



Marinated bamboo shoots, sauteed scallions and red pepper with dry sauce.


Shoyu Ramen Soup

Soy sauce based noodle soup with bamboo shoots, boiled egg, roast pork and spinach.


Fried Rice

Seafood or pork or vegetable, fried rice with scallion and egg, served with soup.


Chicken Wraps

Grilled chicken wraps are made of a tortilla stuffed with grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella and roasted peppers. Ingredients may vary.


Seaweed Salad

Thin strips of seaweed tossed in a sesame, soy, and vinegar sauce, with a garnish of chili flakes and sesame seeds.


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